Cashmere is one of the most precious fibres in the world.

Cashmere is extraordinary soft, light, warm, breathable and silky.


It comes from Northern China and Mongolia Cashmere goats.

Cashmere comes from the underfleece of these small and extraordinary animals.


Once a year in spring, when the weather is milder, the goat herders harvest this underfleece by means of a delicate combing procedure that is totally harmless to the animals.

About 250 grams of this underfleece is obtained from each animal every year which, after the coarser outer fibres are removed, becomes no more than 100 grams. That is why cashmere is so precious, although its value is also further increased by the difficulties in obtaining and controlling the fibre.

We use the most excellent produced cashmere yarns from Italy where we can find perfect combination of tradition and innovation, unique quality and competence.

We produce from pure cashmere and wool cashmere gorgeous dresses, hats, scarves, bathrobes, plaids, sweaters.


The most highly-prized wool comes from the Merino breed of sheep, which originated in the Mediterranean basin and was introduced to Australia and New Zealand in the late eighteenth century.


Today every Merino sheep produces up to 1 kg of superfine fleece.


What makes Merino wool so special for knitting yarns, is that it provides a fiber that is not itchy. It provides warmth without being hot, and it has moisture wicking properties that keeps garments try to the touch.

This is one of the yarns we use the most. We produce all scale of knitted garments including dresses, sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves etc.


Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca. It is light or heavy in weight, depending on how it is spun. It is a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fiber. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic.

Alpacas have been bred in South America for thousands of years.

We knit sweaters, coats, hats and scarves from alpaca wool.


The legendary ‘cotton of the gods’, extremely valuable and supremely soft. It is still cultivated and handpicked in the rarefied air of the Peruvian highlands, using traditional methods to preserve its original qualities: a particularly long and fine fibre that gives this yarn unrivaled shine and softness. Thin fibres are similar in micronaire to cashmere.

This thread is made strictly in Italy, and the result is radically different from the ready-mixed yarn exported from Asia.

The choice of raw fibres, the complete spinning, twisting, mercerizing and dyeing process: the production of yarns reflects high-quality standards. The quality of the production is guaranteed through constant laboratory testing.

From pima cotton we produce fine tops, dresses and sweaters.