Alpaca Blanket


Composition: 100% Alpaca

Size: 110 x 124 cm

Color: Off-white

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Soft and warm plaited blanket made of pure wool.

During chilly evenings when you feel like taking a cup of herb tea and dive into a book or a movie, it will wrap you up in a cloud of softness and comfort so that you will want to stop the time.

Composition: 100% Alpaca

Size: 110 x 124 cm

Color: Off-white



Drycleaning or handwash inside out 30’C (86 ‘F), using liquid, preferably ecological wool detergent.

You may also use wool cycle.

Important: when using a wool cycle make sure:

– no spin or tumble dry is allowed

– colors are washed separately

– use towels to squeeze excess water, do not twist

– place the item on a towel on a flat surface and let it dry completely.